Dock Pock's Harmonious Rocks

Handmade stone and metal jewelry









At Doc Pock’s Harmonious Rocks, two artists from different backgrounds transcend their artistic disciplines as they bend their talents toward lapidary arts and wire wrapping.


Some people just love rocks. They love the cool and warm of rounded stone, love hieroglyphic designs in rough rock and the sharp regular planes and angles of crystal. If you are such a person—frequently called a Rock Hound or a Pebble Puppy or, (as a slur) a rock licker, we know you. We know all about your deepest desires. Because we are rock lickers, too. We note your smile when you spot our booth at a street fair or a fine art display. You focus intensely, like a hound on a scent, and your face forms a goofy grin. We see you coming because we share a passion with you.


After thirty-five years of acting, directing, building arts facilities, and teaching college English, I (Doc) fell into the rock business. At the time, I was an associate dean in a major university, and I needed some time away from students, administrators and helicopter parents. So, I journeyed into the spectacular beauty of Arkansas in a search for quartz crystals. I found many. Some of them followed me home. What does an academic do with a bucket full of crystals? What else? Make jewelry.

That was Thanksgiving of 2007, and I’ve been making stone jewelry ever since.


Ms. Dayna awakened at birth to the glare of footlights and follow spots. Instead of diapers, her mother, a spectacular tap dancer, swaddled her in a tutu and soothed her tender skin with greasepaint. Her first steps were on pointe. Well, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but as a sixth-generation professional performing artist, she learned all of the arts of theatre and dance: costume design, scene design, choreography, pantomime, manipulation of space, line, flow, balance, focus, rhythm, and that most elusive artistic element, harmony.


Working solo, Doc Pock has sold hundreds of artistic stone pendants. His style is earthy, solid, focusing attention always on the rock itself, not on the wire. His designs bear his signature, an inverted DP bale. At shows, Doc also breaks geodes to emphasize that even most delicate jewelry designs begin with the beauty of raw rock. In 2017, Ms. Dayna added her delicate designs to the mix, bringing a new, lighter sensibility to the business.


Now, for the first time, you can buy Doc Pock’s and Ms. Dayna’s designs online.

Dayna and Doc struck more years on their clock

Than either would care to reveal:

Artistical years fraught with laughter and tears

As we sought to please patrons gentile.


Imagine their shock when we punched out our clock,

And devoted our talents to tailoring rock


Now Dayna, a dancer, still teaches ballet

And Doc who spent years on the stage,

Own a shop in Neanderthal Alley.


We sell rocks we discover in all kinds of cover

In Nature or Stone Merchants’ holds.

We carve them and slice; we shape them up nice,

And we wrap them in silver and gold.